Aluminium Windows in York, North Yorkshire

  • Narrow sight lines
  • Wide choice of window configurations
  • Single, dual colour or anodised with further options to use different colours both inside and outside
  • Thermally efficient our aluminium range incorporates a thermal break ensuring that it meets current building regulations
  • A wide selection of window hardware available including a choice of colours
  • Trickle vents can be integrated into the window system

Our aluminium windows are made from an advanced suite aesthetically enhanced for either commercial or residential applications giving ultra slim sightlines. Designed using the latest thermal break technology it complies to part L using the latest energy efficient glazing and our casement frame can achieve an “A” rating.

Our window system is suitable for installation in new build or refurbishment of residential or light commercial applications available in a wide range of colours.

Windows are fitted with a range of high security industry standard hardware.

Windows can be either internally or externally beaded.

For high level applications a reversible window is available where the window can be safely and completely reversed for cleaning. These windows incorporate safety catches prevent inadvertent reversal and they don’t interfere with items around the window such as curtains of items on the internal window cill.