A rated UPVC windows & doorsUPVC Double Glazing in York, North Yorkshire
Top quality UPVC windows
with 'A' rated energy efficiency


UPVC Windows in York & North Yorkshire

DGMS install a range of UPVC windows including double glazing units and sash windows.

We use REHAU products, the market leading supplier of UPVC frames and are renowned in the industry as the very best. REHAU combined with high security secure locks and hinges are designed and fitted to meet the highest testing conditions. These products offer you real peace of mind.

UPVC Windows

REHAU 70mm frames re-inforced, internally beaded and with a choice of white, mahogany, golden oak or rosewood. Glazed with 28mm sealed unit with a choice of PILKINGTON “K” glass or the latest PLANITHERM TOTAL 1.3 glass. Low level beads and gaskets, which sit level with the frames, both inside and out, are less obtrusive than the standard option and enhance the overall finish of the windows.